Services Wayne’s Automotive ltd., Copyright 2012, All Rights Reserved  Privately operated cars, utes, vans and four-wheel drives must have a current WoF. Commercial vehicles and heavy vehicles must have a current certificate of fitness (CoF). At Wayne’s Automotive Service, we will make sure your car is inspected with the best state of the art equipment to keep it running in tip top shape. We have the best state of the art diagnostic tools. It doesn’t matter what make or model your car is, we will take care of you! We even have a camera to put inside your radiator and engines to see what is going on without taking you car apart.  Another way we stand out from the rest. We specialize in servicing and repair of manual gear boxes.  We do all of your maintenance, from stripping them down completely to oil changes. We also do the replacement of clutches genuine and after market.  Everything we do with do right on location!   One of the tools we use is the Launch system.  A state of the art diagnostic tool, this tool is one of the workhorses working for us to better serve you.  From resetting your fault lights to figuring out problems that you were not even aware off! No matter where you are, we will get to you and get you back on the road!  We offer great roadside service so no matter where you are, you have the confidence we will be there when you need us!  It can be something as simple as a car battery or to the more serious broken drive shaft, we will be there for you.